Band Booster Board

Current Band Booster Board Members

President: Diana Chandler

Vice President: Monica Elmore

Vice President of Fundraising: Elizabeth Pitchford

Secretary & Publicity Chair: Cathy Mayer

Treasurer: Carissa Chewning

Uniform Chair: Reshae Donovan

Volunteer/Chaperone Chair: Piper Graham

Prop Chairs: Amanda & Abe Simmerman

Equipment & Logistics Co-Chairs: Drew Chandler & Jason Elmore

Food Co-Chairs: Erin Gibson, Caressa Dotson, Tammy Penna, Bobbi Henson

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Piper Graham
Volunteer Coordinator

I’m Piper Graham, and I am the volunteer coordinator for the Band Boosters. I have one student in the marching band this year: Hampton, who is a Junior and plays Alto Sax. I have another son, Preston who is a Freshman, plays Alto Sax and is the symphonic and jazz band. I also have two older stepdaughters who graduated from WCHS, Addie and Andrea as well as two new grand-twins. This is my second year of being around the marching band and my first year with the boosters. I volunteer because I love spending time with my kids and supporting them in whatever they do. When not keeping up with my day job and assisting with the marching band, I love spending time with my family, traveling, watching sports and walking.

Reshae Donovan
Uniform Chair

I am Reshae Donovan, uniform chair of the Band Boosters. I have the honor of making our kids look their very best in a Marching Band Uniform. My daughter, Hannah is a sophomore in the flute section. As a previous marcher, I now understand the term "it takes a village" because it truly does take a village to make this happen year after year. I genuinely enjoy supporting our children and watching them grow throughout the year. Marching Band will forever have a place in my heart and I have found a new level of being called 'Band Mom'. When I am not working at the hospital, I enjoy spending time with family/friends, gardening, watching football, watching my youngest play softball, working on special projects and planning fun events.

Bobbi Henson
Food Co-Chair

I'm Bobbi Henson. I'm one of the food chairs. My daughter is Emma Henson. This is her 4th year in the Marching band, and she's on the drumline. All four of Emma's siblings were in band or marching band at some point in high school, so she’s following in their footsteps. I've been a stay at home mom for the past 17 years. Now that I only have one child left at home, I recently decided to volunteer for the KY Citizens Foster Care Review Board. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, my 4 grandchildren, overnight dates with my husband, and traveling. I especially love visiting family in Barbourville and Detroit. I'm looking forward to Emma being able to go to Disney with the band, so I don't have to take her. 😂

Caressa Dotson
Food Co-Chair

I am Caressa Dotson and am one of the Food chairs this year. My daughter is Riley Dotson. She is in front ensemble and is a senior this year. She has been in marching band for 5 years. I have been helping with the band for a total of 7 years. My son was in marching band. The band has became like my second family. I have three children and enjoy spending time with them camping, and just having a good family game night or movie night. I can’t wait to see what this season brings!!

Monica Elmore
Vice President

I am Monica Elmore, Vice President of the Booster organization. My daughter Jo is in percussion (pit). I have been helping the band since my oldest daughter joined her 8th Grade year in 2015. I have been on the board as Vice President since Jo started her 7th grade year (2019). When I'm not working with the band, I love to garden, read and travel!

Amanda Simmerman
Prop Co-Chair

I am Amanda Simmerman and the Prop Chair. My son, Kurt is a Junior this year and has been in Marching Band since 8th grade. We are very proud of all of these kids. They work so hard and put everything they have into this. I am excited to help with the props and haul one of the trailers to the competitions. Hoping to meet everyone and have a great time working with you all to make this a great Marching Band season.

I also volunteer for Special Olympics, enjoy traveling and collect hats. We live on the river in Nonesuch and spend most of our free time out there on the farm.

Drew Chandler
Equipment & Logistics Chair

Drew Chandler is a former band student now making reparations by serving a ten year sentence with the Woodford County Band Boosters. He volunteers for Andrea (senior clarinet) and Hannah (7th flute) primarily through the equipment and logistics committee. When not participating in band activities he chases disasters. Ask him to show you the horn on his truck.

Carrisa Chewning

I'm Carrisa Chewning. This is my 4th year with the Boosters as Treasurer. I have 1 daughter who played saxophone through her sophomore year, 2 sons, one graduated last year and played trumpet in the marching band (except for our Covid year), and Nate is my junior who never played an instrument until last year and now plays Sousaphone in marching band, tuba in symphonic band and is attempting trombone for jazz band. I also have 2 bonus sons. I started volunteering when an email went out expressing a need , and truly enjoy watching all these kids grow and become better musicians and better people! When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, martial arts, kayaking, hiking, crafting and reading.

Elizabeth Pitchford
VP of Fundraising

Hello! I am Elizabeth Pitchford. This is my second year as VP of Fundraising. My daughter, Grace, is a Junior and plays clarinet. As a former marcher myself, I love watching the kids perform! When I am not with band I spend my days at my family business, Ruggles Sign, and volunteering with the boards for the WC Chamber and WC Extension. If I have spare time I love watching movies, theatre, reading and road trips with my family.

Abe Simmerman
Prop Co-Chair

I am Abe Simmerman and Prop Chair. My Stepson, Kurt is a Junior and I am very proud of him. He has learned so much while being in Marching Band and has so many friends from being a part of this. I am looking forward to spending time with Kurt and watching him do what he loves. I also volunteer for Special Olympics and sing in a band. I enjoy being out on the farm, wood working and watching horror movies in my free time.

Cathy Mayer
Secretary & Publicity Chair

I'm Cathy Mayer and I'm the Secretary and Publicity Chair of the Boosters, and I also do the spirit gear. I have a senior, Andy, who plays many instruments but plays bass clarinet in marching band. I have enjoyed reliving my high school marching band days vicariously through my son and hope that my 5th grader will soon be a marcher as well! When Andy started band someone told me that this would be an extension of my family and it truly is! I love working with the other parents and watching the band on and off the field!

When I'm not with the band or busy with my shirt/crafting business, I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling (especially to Florida where my parents live), and binge watching crappy reality TV!

Erin Gibson
Food Co-Chair

My husband Tim and I live in Nonesuch on Hopeful Hills Farm. We have lots of animals, plus 4 children aged 15- 22 (3 of which attend Woodford County High School currently). We are a musical family: flute, guitar, violin, saxophone, drums & vocals. I played piccolo, bass drum and was the drum major for my marching band in high school. I have enjoyed watching our sons, Braden (and Morgan last year) participate and learn to be part of a production and team. Along with farming, we own and operate a small café in Wilmore, called Solomon’s Porch Café & Catering. We love food and music, so it is only natural for us to put them together to help serve this year on the food committee. It has been a good experience to be a “band mom.” Thank you to all who spend so much time and effort making this organization a success for our kids!

Tammy Penna
Food Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Tammy Penna. My daughter is Madison. She is a sophomore and this is her second year doing color guard. Along with band, she does winter guard and archery so her dad and I stay busy with her schedule. In our spare time, we like to travel, being outdoors, fishing and working together at the Woodford Humane Society on Sundays.

Diana Chandler

Diana Chandler volunteers for all our students and is particularly fond of Andrea (senior clarinet) and Hannah (7th flute). She started on the Booster Board as Fundraising Chair during the 2018-19 season and is now serving as the President. As a former clarinet player that never got to participate in marching band, she really enjoys helping the students perform and succeed. When band activities aren't commanding her attention, Diana can be found with a stadium-sized container of coffee in the company of family and friends.