Band Booster Board

Current Band Booster Board Members

President: Casey Sipe

Vice President: Diana Chandler

Vice President of Fundraising: Elizabeth Pitchford

Secretary: Tiffany Qualls

Treasurer: Carrisa Chewning

Uniform Chair: Reshae Donovan

Volunteer/Chaperone Chair: Piper Graham & Amy August

Prop Chairs: Amanda & Abe Simmerman

Equipment & Logistics Chair: Drew Chandler

Publicity Co-Chairs: Tiffany Qualls & Stephanie Foley

Food Co-Chairs: Jill Kuntz & Michelle Collier

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Tiffany Qualls
Secretary & Co-Publicity Chair

I am Tiffany Qualls, mom of Callie Qualls. I am the secretary for the WC band boosters and this is my second year as a band mom. In my “spare time” I am a nurse for the department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Lexington. I am so looking forward to seeing the show all put together and watching my girl perform!! Let’s go Jackets!

Stephanie Foley
Co-Publicity Chair

I am Stephanie Foley, mom of Ian Foley. I am the co-chair of publicity for WC band boosters.  When I’m not living the “band mom life”, I am a 2nd grade teacher for Scott Co Schools. As a former high school color guard member, I am thrilled to be back doing all the things band has to offer!

Amy August
Co-Volunteer Chair

I am Amy August, mom of Zorian. I'm the co-chair of Volunteers on the Band Boosters. I work as a Nurse Supervisor at Cardinal Hill. I am a former Woodford County band member and used to play the tenor sax. When I'm not working with the band I enjoy listening to audio books, playing with yarn, and binge watching TV. I'm looking forward to the fun season ahead and helping the kids make great memories.

Jill Kuntz
Co-Food Chair

I'm Jill Kuntz, mom of Joren (10th grade trumpet) and Jase (7th grade percussion). I am the co-food chair. I work in the Middle School cafeteria. When I'm not working, I enjoy playing games, tv/movies, reading, anything crafty, and just spending time with family/friends. This is our 3rd year with the band and I  can't wait to see what this season brings!

Michelle Collier
Co-Food Chair

Hiya! My name is Michelle Collier and I belong to Emma Moore (Color Guard). I am Co-Food Chair for the WCHS Band Boosters and this is my first year as a band mom. I used to work in the Woodford County Middle School cafeteria but I am currently a stay-at-home mom. I am a HUGE music fan and I enjoy all kinds of crafty/artsy things! This season has already proven to be excellent thus far and I am super stoked to see where this year takes us!

Amanda Simmerman
Prop Chair

Amanda Simmerman she/her aka Kurt Philpot's Mom is the Prop Chair. She plans to enjoy every moment of Kurt's senior year. You can always spot her with her many tattoos and baseball cap. If you are having trouble with your glasses do not fear for she is a Licensed Optician by day and has been know to body slam people by night. She can also marry you or bury you because she's an Ordained Minister! She's always there if you need someone to talk to.

Reshae Donovan
Uniform Chair

Hello! My name is Reshae Donovan. I am Momma to several but Mom to Hannah S. As a former marching band member, it brings me great joy to see these kids thrive in their abilities to create masterpieces. I have the pleasure of making these kids look their very best in a marching band uniform. When I'm not with the band, I am working at the hospital in Lexington, playing pickleball, or on the softball field with the WC younger girls softball teams. I am very excited to see what this season holds for these kids. Their future has endless opportunities for success.

Abe Simmerman
Prop Chair

Abe Simmerman he/him is the Step-dad of Kurt Philpot and Co-chair of Props. He's looking forward to Kurt's Senior year and seeing what the future holds for him. Abe is a truck driver for Aetna Building Solutions and singer of the death metal band, Created To Kill. He enjoys building things such as this years science lab tables! Most people have no idea what his eye color is because you rarely catch him without his sunglasses on.

Piper Graham
Co-Volunteer Chair

I'm Piper Graham and I am the co-volunteer coordinator for the Band Boosters. My son Hampton is a senior in the marching band and he plays Alto Sax. I have another son, Preston who is a sophomore and a swimmer. I also have two stepdaughters who graduated from WCHS, Addie and Andrea as well as two grandsons.  I work at Metro Employees Credit Union in Lexington. When not working, I love spending time with my family, traveling, watching sports and walking.

Carrisa Chewning

I am Carrisa Chewning and this is my 5th and final year as Treasurer for the Band Boosters. My youngest child Nate is a senior and plays the Sousaphone.  He is my second child to March at WCHS.  When I am not working and helping with band I enjoy spending time with family, training and teaching Martial Arts and self defense, hiking, kayaking, reading or crafting. So excited to see these kids perform and make great memories this year!

Elizabeth Pitchford
VP of Fundraising

Hello! I am Elizabeth Pitchford and I serve as VP of Fundraising. My daughter, Grace, is a Senior and plays clarinet. I was a band member in high school - color guard - and love watching the band perform! I can’t wait to see Mad Science in action!! When I’m not helping with the band I work at Ruggles Sign. I love reading and watching a good movie.