Commonly Used Terms in Marching Band

Below are some commonly used terms by Mr. Collins and the Band Booster Board in regards to marching band. We wanted to add this section in case you ever have a "what in the world are they talking about" moment.

Pit Box

The area at the contest site where our trailers are set up. This will be the hub of operations for the day. We will always have our WC Band flag flying over the pit box so it's easy to spot.

Convoy/The Swarm

The trailers and anyone who would like to carpool or caravan to the competition site. We usually leave with the convoy about an hour before the students leave.

The Pit

These are the large percussion instruments that are normally set near the front of the field. The pit includes very large keyboard type instruments, speakers, microphones, etc.


These are volunteers who have completed background checks through the Board of Education. They are able to ride the buses with the students and also escort them during the competition.


Wonderful friends & family members of the band who give their time to help the band. Volunteers perform such tasks as serving food, loading/unloading equipment, moving equipment & props on/off the field for performances, etc.


The first performance of the day at a competition.

One and Done

This is when we will definitely only have one performance at a competition. There will be no finals.


Sometimes all bands who perform will also perform in finals. Sometimes only the bands with the highest scores advance to finals.

Sign-Up Genius

This is the service/website we use for volunteers to sign up for volunteer opportunities/jobs. A link will be posted on this website and shared via email and social media. We appreciate everyone signing up as early as you can so we can see what volunteer slots need to be filled as we reach the performance day.

Staging Area

Props, speakers, podium, and other equipment will be moved to this area near the field after they've been unloaded from the trailers. These items will stay in this area until we are ready to perform and will return to this area if we have a second performance.

Sponsor Shirt

These are shirts that have our band sponsors listed on the back. Students are required to wear sponsor shirts for football games, competition days, parades, and other informal concert settings. All students are given one free sponsor shirt from the Band Boosters. It is a great idea to buy an extra sponsor shirt for those weekends when we have a football game on Friday night and a contest on Saturday.

Show Shirt

Show shirts purchases are optional and change every year based on the show. Show shirts are not required but a lot of students love to have these and wear them throughout the season. These are great mementos to have to remember each marching band show.

Logo Shirt

Logo shirt purchases are optional. Logo shirts have our WC Band logo. Many volunteers like to buy these to wear to contests or purchase a specific volunteer shirt.