Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for friends and family members to volunteer during the marching band season.  Every week we will have a new Sign-Up Genius link to sign up to volunteer.  Band parents are not required to complete a certain number of shifts but marching band takes a village and we appreciate all of the time our volunteers spend to help make our performances successful.

We utilize volunteers for every aspect of our performance because we want students to be able to focus on the performance and not on having to move equipment on/off the field.  Some bands have the students moving equipment, this is something we choose to have volunteers do.

Each performance (football game or competition) has a separate Sign-Up Genius and volunteers are not required to sign up for the same position every time you participate.  Some may only be able to volunteer a couple times during the season and some will volunteer every weekend - that is completely up to you.

Below you will find a list of the volunteer jobs/responsibilities that we include in our Sign-Up Genius.  If you have any questions about what a certain position entails please do not hesitate to ask.  We are trying to have all of this information on our website in advance so that everyone knows what to expect on our performance days.  You can also view sample videos on the subpage "volunteer videos".

On competition days all of our volunteers are welcome to enjoy our prepared meals with the band.  You can also bring your own food or go out to get something if time allows.

Loading/Unloading Trailers

These volunteers need to be able to lift 50 pounds.

  Volunteers will help load & unload equipment and props onto our trailers.

There will be multiple times to sign up for loading/unloading each week.  You do not have to sign up for each time but you are welcome to.


These volunteers must have a current background check through the WC Board of Education.  They can ride the bus with the students and will help transport students to changing areas and to/from the field for performance and awards.  Chaperones can also volunteer to help with the pit or props.


We will need multiple large trucks to pull the trailers to/from competitions.  Drivers are reimbursed for mileage. 

Uniform Crew

These volunteers need to arrive at the pit box with the convoy.  You will help unload and set up uniforms with the uniform chair to be ready when students arrive.  Once students have changed into uniform you will help make sure uniforms are on correctly, hair is up and ready for shakos, and everyone looks performance ready.  When students are finished performing you will help put everything away.

Pit Crew

These volunteers help move keyboard instruments to the warm-up area, to the field, and back to the pit box after the performance.  You may be helping a student push/pull a keyboard instrument or be assisting another volunteer.  The students will help arrange the instruments on the field as you get there.


We normally have two speakers on wheels that will be brought to specific spots on the field.  You will receive a map with exactly where to place the speaker on the field.  When trailers are unloaded the speakers will be moved to the staging area near the field with the props and podium.


These volunteers will help set up the podium and roll it to the staging area.  You will roll it on/off the field for the performance and help disassemble it when our performances are complete.

Prop Crew

These volunteers need to be able to lift 50 pounds.

The prop crew will help assemble props, move them to the staging area, on/off the field for the performance, and back to the pit box when performances are complete.  Props will have specific locations on the field and the crew will be given a map of the field and taught where things go before the performance.

Food Crew

Depending on the competition day we may have multiple opportunities to sign up to help serve food.  Some meals will be served to the students at WCHS before they leave for a contest and some will be served in the pit box at the competition site.